Applied Research

Innovation + Applied Research = Company Success

The best companies know that constant change is required for success in today’s economic climate. They also realize that innovation must be based on provable evidence that comes from project-based applied research. MaJIC’s applied research projects focus on using scientific methods to find innovative solutions to practical, specific problems identified by industry. In MaJIC’s experience, company profit is usually the primary motivator for engaging in applied research.


Leading-Edge Projects We've Done

  • High dynamic range video for early detection of defective welds
  • Laser welding of ultra-thin titanium
  • Strain-gauge testing of an underground mining canopy prototype
  • Materials feasibility study for building stainless steel bridges

Applied Research

Applied research can be used to answer a specific question, determine why something failed or succeeded, solve a specific, pragmatic problem, or to gain better understanding of a process. MaJIC can help companies create industrial solutions to common production issues by bridging the gap between pure research and the shop floor.  

Projects can be large or small but focus on new knowledge for real work situations and economic value. MaJIC can oversee the project or can assist your company with the research process.