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August 9, 2017

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Now seeking Applied Research Admin Intern

The successful candidate will help expand MaJIC's applied research capability, and help MaJIC to develop the processes and skills needed to carry out large applied research projects. Key activities include financial tracking, reporting, setting goals/timelines, data collecting, preparing budgets and obtaining resources. 
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A New Way To Look At Welding: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging

Quality managers, automation specialists, and weld technologists, this is for you… 

Have you ever wanted to see what’s really going on in the weld arc?  As anyone who has struck an arc knows, the contrast between the brightness of the arc and the (relatively) dim surroundings during welding make viewing the complete weld process extremely difficult. High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, now being incorporated into many welding cameras, drastically improves the visibility of the weld process.  Combine HDR with high speed photography, and you can see some truly impressive images of a weld in-progress.

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MaJIC to Offer Retained Engineering Services

The Materials Joining Innovation Centre (MaJIC) is pleased to announce that it is now offering Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Retained Welding Engineering Services, for companies operating under CSA welding regulations.

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MaJIC Wins Industry Acceptance

MaJIC's unique blend of academic expertise and industry experience puts it in the position of offering unbiased advice based on the science of material joining and an understanding of material properties. While MaJIC evolved out of Northern College's welding engineering technology program, its staff are steeped in industry experience and understand the rate at which industry needs to move, said Butler-Jones.

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First Ever Northern Welding Trade Show

The Materials Joining Innovation Centre (MaJIC) and Northern College Alumni Association sponsored the first ever Northern Welding Trade Show on September 25-27, 2012 in Kirkland Lake at Northern College, home of MaJIC. The Trade Show was a great success reaching the original goal of 500 attendees including over 300 students from 8 North Eastern Ontario high schools and over 100 industry representatives from local and regional companies.