Board of Directors

Joshua G. Fuller

Program Coordinator/Professor for the School of Welding Engineering Technology at Northern College. He instructs in the Welding Engineering Technician and Welding Engineering Technologist programs, and covers a range of subjects, from Mathematics and Calculus to Mechanics/Statics and Strength of Materials.  

Joshua came to Northern College with a Masters degree in Science, Josh is familiar with research. ‘I’m really excited about the possibilities that MaJIC presents to the welding and joining industry. The link between MaJIC and Northern College will certainly benefit us both. MaJIC represents a strengthening of the College’s ties with industry and research, while Northern College gives MaJIC access to lab facilities and equipment, a five-star reputation, and connections with past and present faculty members that have 30-plus years of experience.’


Mark Burke

A graduated from Northern College in Kirkland Lake, Ontario with a diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology, in 1982.

In 1982 he joined The Lincoln Electric Company where he held positions in Technical Sales in Northern Alberta. In 1996, he was promoted to District Sales Management, first for Atlantic Canada and then in 1998 in British Columbia. In 2003 he took on the added responsibility of Alberta. In this position he and his team were responsible for the recommendation, commissioning, the procedure development, and training for welding processes. In January 2008 he joined Indalco Alloys where he will be responsible for Sales and Marketing Management. Currently Mark Burke is the Regional Manager for The Lincoln Electric Company in the Arabian Gulf.



Stephane Ouellet

Stephane was introduced to the welding trade by his family at the age of 12. He graduated in 1996 from the Welding Engineering Technologist program at Northern College in Kirkland Lake.

He has since worked for National Steel Car Ltd. for 5 years, G&P Welding and Iron Works for several years as a Welding Supervisor, Welding R&D and Inspection. Stephane has also done shutdown work for Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. Now a family man himself, resides in Hanmer, Ontario, where since 2005, has been employed by Carriere Industrial Supply (CIS). Stephane is presently the Manager of Operations.


Jane Blackwell

Jane holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Masters of Education and a Masters of Business Administration. She has over 30 years experience as a professor in Nursing and Business at Northern College. As a facilitator, she has worked with local, provincial and international groups on projects related to Technical Skills Shortages, Youth-Out Migration, Early Childhood Education, Forestry, Mining Schools in Zimbabwe, Chile and Nigeria and college program standards for the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. Jane has previously completed strategic updates for the Kirkland Lake Chamber of Commerce, Timmins Venture Centre and Kirkland District Community Development Corporation.

Jane has worked on MaJIC since its inception being actively involved in writing funding proposals, the initial incorporation, setting up the Board of Directors and establishing operations. “I believe that MaJIC is economic development of the best kind – it is knowledge-based, built on existing expertise and is sustainable."