Innovation is the key to survival in the present economic climate and to maintain competitiveness in
the long term.  MaJIC provides technical knowledge  to help companies put their creative materials joining ideas into practice.  


Welding Procedure Development

MaJIC provides welding procedure development to help companies meet regulatory requirements, improve safety, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

  • New procedures
  • Process/Procedure review & modifications
  • Proprietary/Specialized repair welding procedures for unconventional materials and applications

Upon completion, MaJIC will provide procedure qualification records, welding procedure specifications, and mechanical test results to substantiate all work.


Welding Procedure Qualification Testing (PQR)

MaJIC offers specimen extraction, complete specimen machining and
preparation and provides quick response for a fast turnaround time.

Testing is in accordance with specified codes & standards. (Structural,
pressure vessel, piping, storage tanks)

  • Mechanical properties (tensile strength, bend testing, impact toughness
  • Chemical composition requirements of the weld alloy
  • Macroscopic examination for defects, fusion, weld size, and weld characteristics
  • Hardness criteria for the weld and HAZ (macro/micro)


Applied Research

Applied research can be used to answer a specific question, determine why something failed or succeeded, solve a specific, pragmatic problem, or to gain better understanding of a process. MaJIC can help companies create industrial solutions to common production issues by bridging the gap between pure research and the shop floor.  

Projects can be large or small but focus on new knowledge for real work situations and economic value. MaJIC can oversee the project or can assist your company with the research process.